January 18, 2010
By Anonymous

Sometimes I would rather take a break
Sometimes there’s something better at the end of my day
I fall asleep repeating Latin in my head
English in my hand, math under my bed
Psychology on the desk
Law in the drawer
There’s homework everywhere that I cannot ignore.
Every once in a while we deserve some sleep
I weep sometimes as I doze off in defeat
I want to watch TV, and I want to talk to friends
It makes me so frustrated
Don’t you have something else to do?
It’s work, no play, no way out of the circle
I’ve cried three times in just one quarter,
My eyes they burn but theres more to learn
I feel trapped inside the school and I feel trapped inside this room
I need to get out and I need to feel free
I need to be a kid, quick! Before I’m eighteen
Theres nothing left to do after working until two
I say I’ll play but sleep gets in the way
I need to get out I need to breathe again
I can’t stand the feeling of the summer coming to an end
There’s work everywhere, I will never get away
I’ll do my homework and cross my fingers for college one day

The author's comments:
I hate homework.

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