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January 5, 2010
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I could not find a printer for this,
and the thoughts I had wanted were what I missed.
So now I grabbed a pencil and wrote,
these scraggly words for you as a note.
I write my thoughts in poem form,
That to me is just the norm.
So with my chicken scratch I say,
I hope this Christmas is a wonderful day,
And with your gifts from family play,
And when you read this note you smile,
As wide as you can all the while,
Spend quality time with relatives,
And love it in all, no additives,
And pray for them in sincerity,
And ask for their prosperity,
And ask this with full clarity,
And know that when you may fall,
That all you need is give them a call,
And don’t overlook with apathy,
What matters most is family,
And one day this you shall see,
And so I hope you realize,
The truth of these words of wise,
And now I hope that on Christmas day,
You take this note the right way,
And spend this time with loved ones if you may,
Now take these novice words and think,
How fast time moves, try not to blink.
But really all I had meant to do,
Is say Merry Christmas, and I love you.
P.S.: I love your family too.

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