January 5, 2010
By Meeg73 SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
Meeg73 SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
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I often wonder if anything let out of its cage truly stays happy...

The bird gets the thrill of stretching its wings. Does it like it out there? What if, perhaps, freedom becomes a cage in itself?
Hamsters like to run... and you find them stuffed in the toe of a shoe, in another 'cage.'
Dogs run, but are ecstatic to see you again soon as they're found.
A child runs away to leave their parents.. And return after realizing the real world is not that fun.

Yes. It's elating to be out of your cage, to not be within the normal.
Live life to the fullest. We hear that all the time.
What if you let yourself out of your cage, you live it to the fullest you possibly can.. and you still feel trapped?
What if you let yourself escape.. and still feel as if you haven't found it all?

Let the cage inside my mind be rid of. Let it go. The bars are breaking; infact, they're barely there. What's left is the reluctance to let go.
...Just let go.
But see, I have problems with that. I'd be the one to skydive, and grab on the edge of the plane as soon as I jump.
Just let go.
But it's harder than that.
Let go... Let yourself out. Why trap yourself in? .....Especially if you've been trapped before.

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