Depression Hurts

January 4, 2010
Depression hurts more than what they say
I'd give anything for it to just go away
The crying and the screaming all night
The kicking the punching the horrid fight
I hate what I am, what i've become
I hate me, I hate what i've done
I want to go back to the way things used to be
When depression didnt own me, when I used to be free
Now i'm stuck in a rut and it's not fun at all
My life is playing out like a rusty see-saw
I look forward to nothing and that's not fair
I used to be so fond of myself now I don't even care
When the commercials come on and talk about depression
I only ask myself one simple question
Why me? God why did you pick me to handle this?
I'm not strong enough to handle this madness

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