The Guitarist

January 4, 2010
By , Centerville, OH
He's the boy
Who seems simple.
He's different
Generally happier than most.
He'll tell anyone about his guitar-
He loves it more than anything
in the whole world.
And you can tell:
He stands quietly when he plays
Head tilted,
like it always is when he gets
His fingers dance across the strings
and his eyes look down
in pensive modesty.
When he's playing
He's just gone.
And I can't help but wonder
what goes on behind
those sweet hazel eyes.
What array of
amazingly deep thoughts
circle through the brain
of a boy who is
"slow" and easily read (and often misread)
yet beautifully complex and talented,
wiser than most 3 times his age?
Watch him.
Listen when he talks to you.
Try to see how he really is.
How full of life.
Because you'll never meet a person
So beautiful
So joyful
So indelibly amazing
As Nick Aiena.*

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