The Distance to the Sun

January 4, 2010
By Anonymous

The world sleeps quietly while the wind wiles willingly.
Darkness shelters the earth as a cold blanket
Brightness and warmth take the exit
The bitter wind is tasteless upon my lips
The howls plays and the snow flies and screams
It screams quietly for an explanation
The wind plays and the branches join along
THUD, THUD they begin to hit the cold heartless ground.
Flakes of snow lay upon the dead branches
Sticks break free of the lifeless white and break to the heavens
The moon passes, the darkness continues
The wind and the snow grows stronger and the end is hard to glimpse
The moon passes and the warmth draws near but the darkness still conveys
The moon clicks forward and the end will reappear in acceptance
Cold and darkness will take the exit and brightness and warmth will take the scene
The sun is in reach.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem for English class and we were to write a poem that was inspired from the romanticism period. I found this to be very exciting and the poem came out great in my opinion.

My poem's general idea is towards teens around my age. It's that time towards college, SATs, and school and it feels very pressuring. The wind and the branches symbolize the things that seem to get in the way like people, grades, pressure, just anything that will stop you in what you want. This poem really helped me get a lot of my chest and i hope you can see that as well

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