Walking In The White Unknown

January 4, 2010
By Anonymous

In the sun setting afternoon
A shadow appears from the right and below the moon
The foot of the shadow descends slowly onto the snow
The crunch of snow bellows from underneath below

How long will the foot print stay before being buried by more snowflakes?
Buried under more snowflakes, just how long will it take?
Snowflakes sent by the heavens
Snow so white, so perfect, so clean

Snow that blankets our every tree
Look up and feel free
Feel like your falling weightless, and quietly
Falling from the dark sky gently

Falling from the cold teary sky
Keep walking, while feeling secluded, say goodbye
Secluded with other shadows around
You can think, without sound

The zephyr gently blows against my face, SWOOSH!
The ghost of the winds makes its noise
The snowflakes go with the rest
As do I to the west

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