My Apology

January 16, 2010
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I'm sorry for
What you had to see.
The messed up,
Ugly, side of me.
It's someting that
I shouldn't be.
So please accept
My apology.

I'm sorry Mom,
For all the lying.
The lame excuses
You just weren't buying.
I'm sorry Mom,
For all your crying.
Sometime I just
Felt like dying.

You saw me when,
My arm just bled.
The ooozing blood,
A stinging red.
I saw your eyes,
Sad and wet.
Something that
I'll alwys regret.

I'm also sorry
To you Dad.
I didn't mean
To make you mad.
I should have realized
What I had.
I just thought
I was too sad.

I didn't really
Think it through.
I didn't know
What I could do.
The agony that
I caused you.
I just didn't
Have a clue.

I'm sorry Sis,
For what I did.
I should have quit.
I didn't mean
to scare you kid.
My left wrist,
I shouldn't have slit.

I didn't mean
To be this way.
I'd hoped that things
Would be okay.
I thought the pain
Would go away.
But now it's
Just here to stay.

I wish I knew
What I now know.
That it wasn't
My time to go.
I had nothing
Good to show.
Do you all
Still love me so?

I've learned from
That major mistake.
That a life is way
Too easy to take.
I'll try my best
To not make
That heart of yours
Once again break.

I can't even
Look into your eyes.
I'm the person
You should despise,
For all my anger
And my lies.
You shouldn't listen
To my cries.

I'd lie awake
In my bed.
Thinking of what
I had ahead.
Realizing I
Could have been dead.
What was going
On in my head?

I'm sorry for
What you had to see.
The messed up,
Ugly, side of me.
It's something that
I'll no longer be.
So please accept
My apology.

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MsRocker said...
Oct. 17, 2011 at 8:30 pm
oh my goodness. You are a great writer! i was captivate by your words and the amount of emotion you put into them. keep on writing because your experiences and pain could potentially be alife saver to someone who is like the old you. great poem, i applaud you! and congrats on overcomming your past its amazing! 
Dreaa:D replied...
Oct. 27, 2011 at 11:52 pm
Thank you very much, you're compliments mean a lot!
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