In Fields Chasing Butterflies

January 16, 2010
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Thoughts of you come flirting through
Through my conscious from time to time
More often
And in ways
I don’t very well like

As I occupy my mind
Shoveling through the throws
Of work each one of us decides
To detestably haul and heave everyday
I sit back from time to time and wonder

As much as I occupy
You still seem to fill corners of my mind
I wonder if you prance and play
While chasing flourishing butterflies
In a beautiful green field

That I cannot see
A field in the back of my mind
A field haunting and taunting
My mind
A field I will never see

Are you lurking?
Are you waiting?
Are you playing?
Are you thinking?
Are you even there?

Do I wait
Do I go
Do I linger
Do I run with open loving arms
To a world where it couldn’t matter less

O boy,
Boy that I was once
So happy to be free from
What in the world
Am I to do?

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