Drowning whispers

January 15, 2010
By squirrel BRONZE, Peotone, Illinois
squirrel BRONZE, Peotone, Illinois
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Taking one last deep breathe
I was submerged under the freezing water once again
Struggling to stay above
The current pulling me under
Taking me hundreds of feet down river
In the matter of seconds
Grappling for anything that will pull me to shore
However every log and ledge I come across
Travels forever by
The winter wind whistling and laughing at me
Enormous floats of ice come hurtling by me
Smashing me into the sides
Crushing my legs with the impact
Making it that much harder to stay above
The aching pain in my legs
Matches the aching pain in my throat
Down I go again
Only to be pushed up again
Then under once more
No time to breathe
Panic wracks my brain
As I thought of everything that I would be leaving behind
Every time I surfaced
I looked out into the woods
And saw your face
Instead of screaming for help
I screamed for you
I wanted your face to be the last thing that I saw
As the stream hurled me away from side to side
Whipping me around in all directs
I thought about how much I love you
And that I will never have a chance to tell you that
My body started to go numb
First my legs
Then my waist
My teeth chattered as I tried to scream for you
I wanted the wind to take you one last message
But it just laughed at me
Telling me that I was a fool to have come here
That I should have known better
This was my fate
And with that last thought my mind went numb
It was the last thing to go
I just gave up at that point
Stopped kicking and trying to stay surfaced
Let the river take me to my death
My heart stopped beating
And the last thing I did was see your face
As I silently floated to the bottom of the river
With my last breath I whispered your name
One last time
And thus with the image of you in my head
I closed my eyes
Forever to rest without you
And without peace

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