January 15, 2010
By alexploi GOLD, Columbia, Maryland
alexploi GOLD, Columbia, Maryland
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"I've come to realize that the difference in sucess or failure is not in how you look, how you dress or how you're educated. It's how you think!" ~ Mac Anderson

Is this a dream?
You in my life?
What a marvelous one it is if true!
You hold me softly and cradle me in your arms,
Oh how intoxication this seems to me,
So warm and soft,
So comforting a feeling of weightlessness almost rushes to me,
But there is the bell,
Ding ding wake up,
It turns out it was,
I see you holding that girl like you did me in the dream,
What a fool I am for even thinking that could ever be reality.
I shall move on, no matter the time,
Because there are people better than you,
So ta-ta my dream I’m making it a reality,
Just this time, not with you.

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