January 14, 2010
The screaming market dwellers shriek in attempt to lure me into their kiosks.
The luminous sun combined with the vibrant colors wrapping the bodies of the shoppers surrounding me proves to be a place I will never forget.
I feel a tug at my arm and suddenly the atmosphere loses its charm.
I look down and at once I feel immense sorrow; looking; speculating as to how you have been inflicted with this harm.
You grasp the drink out of my hand and immediately gulp it down as if your thirst is one that cannot be quenched.
I gaze into your sparkling blue eyes that look overcome with fatigue and distress.
You hair untidy and your clothes rags, it remains clear you’re a mess.
Neither of us speaks but I understand the words you speak in silence, the emotions you repress.
Your tiny bare feet sink into the wet soil as it has rained heavily the night before.
You appear to have a calm disposition although to you this is food and drink galore.
As I stand there, I ponder on how many days it must have been since your last meal, your last drink.
But I have cured you of that hunger and pain you once felt.
At least for now, you are content and at peace.
I feel at peace with myself as well.
You appear to be satisfied and without a word you walk away never to be seen again.
As you bury your feet into the damp ground, footprints are made not only on this earth but on my heart.

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