When I'm 64

January 14, 2010
By linewriter1228 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
linewriter1228 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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When I'm 64 not much will have changed
Just shifted boxed up and all re-arranged
Sure everything will be called different names
but in essence I know, it'll all be the same
There will still be husbands who cheat on their wives
There will still be rich children who live on free rides
There will still be a moon
and still be a sun
There will still be the wars
that nobody's won
There will still be a mother loving her baby
There will still be a baby without a mother to love
Lots of people will die
Lots of leaders will lie
Lots of bad things will happen
and we wont know why
There will still be a ruler
We'll still help the poor
We think we've progressed
We think we've done more
but the truth of the matter
As you will soon find
That we live in a circle
that we think
is a line

The author's comments:
After hearing the classic Beatles song, I began to think of what my life will be like when I'm 64. Although many things will be immensely different many core themes are the same.

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