January 14, 2010
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Memories, sweet or bitter, bear reminders of the past.
Thoughts, feelings, remembrances.
Manifestations of significant feelings that fastened themselves to your soul.

Those of pride, exhilaration, and utter delight
Those of worry, anxiety, and apprehension
Those of anger, irritation, and sorrow
Secured tightly inside active minds,
Memories are deep, important thoughts-
No matter what emotions they stir

The first day of high school.
A family reunion.
Vacations by the seashore.
Remarkable, unforgettable and unique.

The death of a loved one.
A house fire.
The betrayal of a friend.
Gloomy, depressing, yet poignant.

Memories, both bitter and sweet, are collective thoughts
That gain momentum on the journey of life.
The results of influential experiences,
Memories are significant moments that we treasure.

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