It Happened

January 17, 2010
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Why did it hapen so fast?
Your life past by in a blink of an eye.Seems like yesterday i just seen your face.
Smell of tobacco lingering on your skin. The scar on your chest. The roughness of your skin. I still remember everything about you.
You called me sunshine for my smile. Late night hours on the job.
The bad words hanging around in your mouth waiting to be spoken.
Your deep voice repeating in my head.
Where are you now Uncle Ab?
What's it like there?
Do you like it?
I miss you.
I'm not crying no more. Your where you belong. Even though it's not here with your family. I'll keep my smile with me. Where ever it takes me i'll know you lead me to it.
Good-bye Uncle Ab.
It all happened so fast.
Where did the time go?

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