“Depressed and All Alone”

January 13, 2010
She walks in silence, without a word
Depressed and all alone
She’s confused, bitter, and abandoned

She gets by day by day
Hidden within a mask--
A mask that seems to never come off

No ONE ever notices her
No ONE knows who she is
She is a stranger to THEM
As THEY are to her

She can’t trust anyone
She can not even trust herself
She’s afraid to trust THEM again

At night she falls
And cries herself to sleep
She dreams of things
Sinners dare not to dream

Everyday she looks to find herself
She wants to discover who she is
She wonders why she is still here

One day she’ll be free
All the problems she faced
Will be one bad memory erased

One day the mask will come off
And her true identity will show
But no ONE will ever know

That she was--

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