Prognostication of Damnation

January 13, 2010
By cpayne BRONZE, Kalkaska, Michigan
cpayne BRONZE, Kalkaska, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
It's never too late.

Line and shape forgone amass
Whimsical feelings shall not pass
The dark and light of day to day
Vacates our hope; we are at bay
Blackened sand creates the floor
Luscious raindrops we implore
The marble message sent before
In stealth behind the treasured door

True confessions never writ
Crimson eyes testify, omit
'Twas tragedy struck the mass of it
For two fortnights have cast the pit

To doomed flushes we succomb
Frolicking clouds combine as one
Expressionless minds reveal the truth
Forecast the tying of the noose
A prognostication of the damnation of a youth

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