January 13, 2010
By jerryuofm BRONZE, Lake Orion, Michigan
jerryuofm BRONZE, Lake Orion, Michigan
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Broken confused, two lines not one
Will I be alone when it’s all said and done?
One paths leads content, the other unknown
Lost and helpless, trying to find home
I love her, but do I? And really how much?
I love the feel of her skin, but don’t long for her touch
Doubts and fears cloud all that I see
I think I am, but do I really know what it means to be happy?
I don’t want to hurt her, but that’s all that I do
We share a love, but is our love really true?
I can’t speak; it hurts to write every line
This pain can’t be healed, not even by time
Answers I seek, a means to an end
No one can help, not even family or friend
Eaten alive, not even myself
Guilt and pain are my only wealth
I want to fly away, but can’t even run
Sorrow beats on me, like the heat of the sun
There is nowhere to hide; it’s not even worth it to try
There is no release, not even to cry
So I’ll fall on my knees and look up above
For one final cry, my last source of love

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