My Idiot Friends

January 17, 2010
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My Idiot Friends

It could be a cat, or a little jam
We rhyme in time, out of time, with a bucket of slime, talkin’ to a mime
You look, but we laugh, you can’t bring us down
You have your medals, but we have our AWESOMENESS
If you’re ever up to quote some Lord of the Rings or Paul Blart, we’re there

Waiting to see who will blurt out the joke that we’re all thinking
Or the stupid thing that Matt said the other day
Our friendship is like a ridiculous rainbow that has nothing to do with rainbows
It’s a fire that burns for years without dwindling or running out of wood
We think the same thing at the same time without being around each other
And we’ll always find a way to have fun doing nothing

Let’s not sit around and talk about our troubles
Let’s pretend that nothing exists outside of this car we’re in
Or the Cat Stevens song that we’re listening to
Just live in the moment, happy to know that I’m not the only aberrant person around
Whether there’s two, three, eight, or twelve of us, our group is indefinite and Unshakeable

Jammed packed full of fun
Let’s go to Portillo’s and chill
McDonald’s and chill
Matt’s house and chill
We can chill, kill, fill, swill, or describe the most epic movie that we’re going to make…
But won’t actually make

You come see my plays, I’ll go to your game
I go to church, you watch episodes of The Simpson’s for days on end
We stop collaborate and don’t care
Not about the clothes you wear, the way you glare, that battle stare
If your grandpa dies, we’ll be there

At first, I was one lone wolf
But we have become a pack of wolves… making a Wolf Pack, as it were

We are ridiculously aware of each other
And aware of each other’s ridiculousness

It seems like years that I’ve known them
Some Red, some Blue, some Old, some New
We hang out without regretting a second
No Drama, no Vices, nothing but a Good Old Time

So let’s cast our remaining hours into the fire
And just hang out like we always have

If it ain’t Baroque, then don’t fix it.

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TheGoldenDomination said...
Jun. 9, 2010 at 9:24 pm
Wow that was really awesome! Its random and yet its happy and upbeat, like friendship itself. Sorta reminds me of my friends. Great job!
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