January 17, 2010
Smiling, laughing,
Or not?

Detect a hesitation,
A momentary frown
That tells a different tale.

She makes me laugh,
Always has a story,
Eager to please.

She talks a lot,
You’d think you’d know
Her deepest voice.

She’s my BFF
Or not?

Sometimes she’ll let something slip,
Or stare off blankly,
With a sad expression in her eyes.

It’s then I see,
A sad secret,
She’s not telling me

Then I wonder to myself,
How well do I know this girl?
What’s really beneath?

That happy face,
Those ready jokes,
Who’s really covered up inside?

Maybe I’ll ask her,
Maybe I’ll find
The girl who hides.

But, what if there’s nothing?
No real hidden truth?
Maybe I’m wrong.

Would she think I’m weird?
Maybe she’s really just happy,
And wouldn’t understand

The pain I’ve got inside
Beneath my happy face,
My ready smile.

An Illusion.

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