Between where you and I are

January 17, 2010
By Danley GOLD, Boise, Idaho
Danley GOLD, Boise, Idaho
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They say in death all things become clear
Your mind opens up to new meanings
Right as your eyes close
Right as the darkness envelopes you

So the question naturally becomes us
Will no one ever know?
How can we explain everything we suddenly know?
All the knowledge and secrets you have kept?

Will we never know what you realized?
The new ideas that flooded into your mind
Will we all remain ignorant and blind?
As you understand everything

The words that will never pass your lips
That remain buried within your soul
Will you leave us forever wondering?
What life could be like if you had only had the chance to explain

Will you leave me here all alone?
Will you forget me?
As you wonder on streets of gold
While I remain here? Wondering what happened

Those last words you could never say
That night I held you limp, icy hand
As your eyes became glazed
And you left me here, all alone again

They say in death all things become clear
If that worn out statement is so
Will we never know?
Not even as you stride through the glistening gates

Will we ever know?
Those final words
That remain hidden to us
Still hovering on your frozen lips

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