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How Did it End Up Like This?

January 17, 2010
By Anonymous

It all started with a smile,
& a friendly face.
A new job, new responsibilities-
she only needed a friend.
Quickly, the relationship blossomed between the awkward phone calls,
& secret kisses-- no one would ever know.
The desire to be together,
Soon overcame the pain of leaving love,
& without hesitation she was single again,
Ready for his taking.
Though Caught up in the illusions of passion and pride,
She never saw it coming-
The day her innocence died.
The long car rides still ensued & she was blind,
She never had a chance…
He brought her to his abandoned lair without a soul inside.
His devilish smile lured her to the kitchen & caught her in his web.
By the wrist he dragged her to a room adorned with party cups and dirty clothes.
Her heart raced & fear chilled her body.
Paralyzed at the threshold of his door,
He threw her down and pinned her with fierce hostility and no restraint.
In just a few minutes & quite a few bruises later,
She was stripped of her innocence,
& her trust--
Humiliated, guilty, damaged; she stayed strong,
When it was so easy to simply fall apart.
She left when she could have cried,
& life just went on.
Months of silence were shared between the teenagers.
He begged for forgiveness and pleaded not guilty to his damaging actions,
Calling it all a “bad dream.”
How does a bad dream still linger when the pain should have subsided?
What she recognized as her life was now a never ending nightmare,
With his face, his hands, and his sneer.
She keeps wishing to wake up and pretend it never happened,
& be in the arms of the boy who truly loved her.
But each morning she wakes alone with the sun,
Only to realize she gave up love,
For a heartless demon-
That got everything he wanted…

The author's comments:
I hope this poem can help teenage girls who has been through the same thing. I want them to know they are not alone and as damaging as that experience is, it does get easier. Hang in there, someone loves you.

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