Count the Stars

January 17, 2010
By MovingTheClouds SILVER, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania
MovingTheClouds SILVER, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania
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Count the stars,

Each one sparkling, a tiny blessing in the sky.

A tear you have cried.
A joke you have told.
A sin you have made.
A mistake you wish you could erase.
A memory you wish you could hold forever.
Tiny stars, yet shining so bright, their meaning so clear.
A friend you hold close to you.
A painful time you have somehow survived through.
A song you have danced to.
A sacrifice you have made.
A carefree moment you have experienced.
An adventure or journey you were brave enough to make.
Tiny stars shining down, they form out of both the ugliness and brilliancy of our lives. Shaped by the tears we cry, the struggles we face, and the laughs we share. Connected by the dreams and goals all of us have, and made brighter by how hard we work towards achieving them.

The author's comments:
Just something I came up with one night as I glared outside my bedroom window and watched the stars.

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