ReAlitY vs. reality

January 17, 2010
By Anonymous

It always starts out with a "That's never going to happen to me" or a "I'm never going to do something stupid like that"
but the bad influence urges you, and it does happen to you and you do a stupid thing
You think that you're fiNe and oKaY and that nothing BAD will occur
yOu sEe yOur fRiEnd oNe mOmENt aNd thEn sHE is GONE anOthER
but she's really just standing in front of you
YoU sCReAm fOr HELP beCaUsE sOMetHinG iS cHOkiNg yOU
but all you did was hiccup
yOU jUmP aT tHe sIgHt oF A sNaKE tHat'S cHarGing aT yOU
but it was really just a stick or two
yOu sEe tHe OcEaN aND JuMp iNtO tHe wateR bEcAusE yoU'Re hOT
but it was your swimming pool
YoU sCReaM aS a sHarK anD ocToPus cOmes NeaR yOu
but it's your best friend saving you and some pool noodles
yOu liE oN tHe flOOr, wEt aNd aFraId bEcaUse aLiEns HaVe cOme To AbduCt yOU
but it was only your friend who got a warm towel to wrap around you
YoU fEEl aN eArthQuaKe
but it's just your friend shaking your shoulders pleading you to stop
YOu tHiNk tHaT yoU'RE stArvInG sO yoU piCk soMe MuShrOoMs oFf tHe grAss
but those were just daisies that you just shoved into your mouth
yOu tHiNk yOu'RE eAtINg a jeLly-fiLLed doNuT
but that's blood on your hands from scratching yourself too hard
EvErythING suDDeNlY disApPeaRs aRouNd yoU aNd yoU sIt aLONe, aFraId, aNd uNLoVeD
but your worried family and friends are all around you pleading and praying and scolding at you
yOu thInk yOu'rE iN thE REAL woRld
but the real world is actually just a stone's throw away

and then you wake up from fEar and REALize that you did a stupid, a REALly stupid thing.
and that's REAL.

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