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Last Fight

January 17, 2010
By velvet-and-terror SILVER, San Diego, California
velvet-and-terror SILVER, San Diego, California
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We're gently breaking down each-other
Yes gently wearing down the other
Standing face to face, we deliver
Blow by blow our bases shiver
Crumbling till nothing's there
Just broken pieces everywhere
Too weak to pull ourselves back together
Too weak to even withstand the weather
So we are tumbled by the wind
Broken pieces, a broken grin
Left on the blank side of a shattered face
One last hint of abandoned grace
And we will not ever really die
Just lay here ruined as we cry
We cry together like we should have then
When things could change, unlike now when
We are stuck as gum to shoe
There's nothing left to win or choose
So blame me, yes, for breaking you
But you must see I'm broken too
So put you pride back on the shelf
And admit we did this to ourselves

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