My happiness

January 17, 2010
It seems everything i write about it rooted in sadness
Though it may not seem like it i do feel happiness
It is only when im talking to him
Laughing at his corny jokes and he inturn laughing at my blondeness
And hearing his amazeing voice that fills my heart with hope for a perfect future
I relish those moments when im shut in my room but i am not alone
Because i am with him on the phone
Oh yes i have cried over him many a tear
But they fall out of fear
That one day i will have to be without him
And that fear constricts my heart but then i hear his voice dripping with honey like sweetness
As he says my name and the pharse i hold close
"Baby im never going to leave you"
And by his side or listning to his voice
Is where my happiness is found

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