Requiem for a History

January 17, 2010
The grand history…
Is being written…
The pen was cast; the text has been determined
Its title, Requiem for a History
The wars have been fought; the peace was kept
But the text was still there
The pure truth laid there in its still austere cold beauty
For everyone to see…
There has been loss; there has been hope
Many years have passed.
Time moved on and it was forgotten by the world
Yet the text kept on recording…
We went through everything…?
We keep forgetting the beginning; we lost track of today; and we don’t know if there is a tomorrow.
The book kept on recording yet everyone forgot…
It was in a little place; beside your soul
A little history that’s all it told.
History may keep record of your events, but who keeps track of the history?
History remembers you, but do you remember history?
The long forgotten is never gone… but no one sees the difference
The truth is evident; the false is evident; the forgotten is evident
It is all recorded in a text; little by little as time moves on…
The history of history has been recorded…
In a little text beside your soul…
Requiem of a History is all it told.

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