slow motion

January 17, 2010
“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”~ Buddha
I’m scared there are three probable out comes which have been leading up to last night. It was preplanned as there is no such thing as coincidences in life. It was predicted and when the realization came upon both participating forces that for so long had only joined together for the greater good like the sun and moon looked upon the options a deep ache was opened and left to be looked at. However as life progressed something else came into play and just like the great poems of possible love suggest that is exactly what was started between this sun and moon, however like the sun and the moon they are so far away and with the “earth” standing in between them it was almost planned that the attraction would be taken at a slow pace, and then gravity pulled the two together and as the moon kissed the sun lips a crashing explosion of intensity was released and now with fear on both sides of the game it is left up to this pre-designed plan called life to see if they will survive or simply remain as nothing more than two factors in the sky. One in which lights the world with the brilliance of his mind and provides hope to the moon and the moon who encourages the sun to shine brighter and who even though is shadowed by darkness still provides that patch of hope lingering in the air ;she is scared. Perhaps the sun is too scared but if this is the case do they leap or allow the “earth” to separate the possibilities.

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