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the real me

January 17, 2010
By Chelley GOLD, Baltiomre, Maryland
Chelley GOLD, Baltiomre, Maryland
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My feelings are more complex then what you may see.
When i look inside myself i see different person,
This person is strong never afraid to speak her mind or confused.
But when i look at myself i see a confused mislead and insecure person.
I am looking for someone better someone who isn't me!
On the outside i show a strong confident and not afraid to be yourself appearence,
But on the inside i am a scared confused lonely child,
But who do you see?
I dont know how to love,
Or even give it back.
I am looking for any person who knows how to help me.
I don't know who you are,
Or even how to find you,
But i am looking for you.
You may be a star,a guide,or even a figment of my imagination.
But where ever you are come and show me the bright light you poses,
To point me in the right direction.
I need a clue a sign anything that tells me where to go next,
The feelings that you see are the ones i want to show you.
I hate to let people get close to me,
Because i always get hurt and left alone in the dark,
But deep down i am desperately wishing to feel safe.
This dark little secret of mine i will always try to hide.
I wish someone knew how to find the real me.
Someone who looks into my eyes,
Beneath all the pain and suffering,
And sees who i am and feels my pain,
I am waiting for you....

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