Time to fly away

January 17, 2010
A hole in my heart
The sorrow runs deep
The future seams bleak
Yet I know I will leap

His familiar face is gone
Though my heart wants to hang on
Tomorrow is a new day
Yet the pain won’t go away

The grass still grows
The birds still coo
The rain still drops
But I can’t move

I still hear his voice
I can see the smile he wore when he saw me
I can remember his lust for reading
I remember his pain

I loved seeing the piles of books he read
Even if they weren’t of any interest to me
I had so many questions I never asked
Why didn’t I ask them?

He saw so many ghastly things
During World War II
Things that I can’t begin to imagine
I’m glad to have the memories of his military life

I never got to say good bye
I never got to tell him I loved him
Or that the book with the pink cover I read was a thriller
Life isn’t long enough

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