To the Time in Between…

January 17, 2010
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Ending in spring, grass is green and alive
O the birds chirp and the earth does sigh
By that time the sun will come out and drive.

Hasty children to no longer cry
For this season brings ice-cream trucks.
And people are nice so do not be shy.

Life slows down, but I am here to instruct
That when this season ends, life will not stop.
Until then we lay until our sun is plucked.

Live for the moment, but life is no flop
For in old age we still take in the sounds
Of nature and it’s crop until we swap

So every year the time it comes around
O the familiar green it will abound.

O as the leaves begin, to die away
Take one last glance at the summer and frown
Because winter will lead our sun astray.

The streets filled with people, in silence drown.
And no one will walk in the empty town,
The bustle and hustle finally has finally died down.

The leaves will soon die, and the earth bemoan
Its descent into a land shaded black;
Rain it will fall and shiver to the bone.

As for things to do, there is quite a lack
So wait in your shack, snow will appear
Until then we sit just riding our yak.

When it comes to seasons, lend me your ear;
Summer is my fav’rite time of the year.

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