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January 17, 2010
I lost my way and I'm trying to hitchike my way to happiness
Why did I leave?
Thats a good question
Heard the weather was promising...
at least thats what the weather man on channel 9 said
With packed bags I left my problems
Along the way i asked for directions
The first person pointed me to a bar
I walked inside and asked the bartender,"Is this happiness?"
He leaned over the counter and with a stench of a bad night and too many drinks said,"Hey kid you want happiness? You gotta buy it in a bottle. Rum or Vodka, make your choice?
Then it hit me
Admist the smoke and the dimness of the room I saw that these people were alone.
The so called "happiness" that filled their cups was fake
Sitting by themselves these people were mothers,father,sons,daughters,
teachers,crossguards,interns,bag boys, students, has beens...
It didnt matter they were somebody
I walked outside and sat on the curb
I tried to define happiness
So far I came up with its an emotion
But its much more than that
Happiness isnt something you bottle up, you cant drive there
its nothing but its anything
I thought about love and what it is
I came to the conclusion love is a distant cousin of happiness
I tried to define love and came up with its
Nothing,Anything, but its Everything
If love and happiness is everywhere,
The question is, why is it so hard to find?

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