Time Welfare

January 16, 2010
I inherit your love from an extinguished Lover's Flame
A transformation from being called a nerd
To being noted as the perfect soldier
The best boyfriend
She calls me her Samurai
I told her: "Your Samurai never really dies... He keeps fighting stealthy for you and your heart. Not to be slain but to be cherished and honored... Forever. As the essence of his valor in battle... For your love."
I call her my Princess Geisha Star
She's the Object of My Most Profound and Deepest Affection
Our Love is transposed like a symphony
Depicted as an Affiliated United Intercourse between my heart and your soul
She loves me because I'm a handsome gentleman
I love her because she gives me the boldness and the tenacity to do things that I never have
One day we'll be in a state of marital felicity
Such beatitude is rare ; It comes from the heavens above
True love is found scarce
She engraved her autographed epithet in my cardiac organ
My dream has become my reality
Still susceptible to pain and hardship
But later used for our personal gain
When I'm without her, it's not a Holiday
Because I Suffocate
To my girl: You illuminate my world
Surrounded by darkness and shadows
Because you are my Daisy
You bring the sunshine
Even though I have no experience related to having a young woman as precious as you are to me,
I'm willing to try
I WILL be faithful to you, despite opposition to our perfect relationship
I want a babiigurl with a voice like yours and a son with a face like mine
I would instruct him to read his bible, pray, and respect his mother ; thus becoming an active learner in the art of courtesy, honor, godliness, dignity, and integrity
I'd advise him to trust within the pedigree of his heavenly father, for he knows best
Need an example, just look pon ya momma boss!
Most importantly, I'd tell him to be a man for his wife and kids when he has some
Geisha + Samurai = Wonder Woman and Superman's Fantasy
My Geisha's Love = The Essence of Purity
Our Love defines the zeitgeist of Time Welfare ?

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