The Protector

January 16, 2010
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The Protector

As I lay here watching her,

I know my reason for existence,

She is now under my protection.

Waiting for the moment to strike,

All emotion pent up, releasing at one time,

Where our Souls burst into flames.

I take my vengeance out on myself,

For what she is makes me whole,

As I send out hope, she returns it with glory.

I must keep her despair at bay,

For the destruction of her soul would end me,

Underneath a dark sun waits who I am to be.

Unlike her, I am to be here to the end,

She will leave and return, but never stay,

A lost dog searching for its owner.

The future holds no promise of love,

The only emotion that escapes me,

What hope can be seen is another lie.

A future without her is a future I do not want to see,

Warnings come to late again, yet all along, I knew,

Now I lay with her for the eternal rest.

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