STrong Black Women

January 15, 2010
By ameosha BRONZE, Longmont, Colorado
ameosha BRONZE, Longmont, Colorado
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IF 5 years ago i was given a choice to change my skin tone i pobally would have becaues of ignorance,inconsiderance in put downs is what made me feel uncomftorable in my onw skin tone being told your blacker then black are you burnt this made me feel less then a person not even 1% human in becaues of you it damaged a part of me not physically more like emotionally to the point were i couldnt believe fall from my feet to my keens i pryed to he who not only knows but feels my pein not forgeting the magic word please thinking to myself who is there to impress other then me socity has marked a big stamp on my head called reality because if you dont look the part act the peart then you wont get the part but i know i am more then just the part iam the entire peace so worship me like the godess iam are get beaten with the beast within me i speak wisdom in my mined is nothing less but a shelter were i storeg the unforgiveabl remarkes in lets be real is my apperance to much for the eye have i damaged your mine to were you can only see what you dilike do i have that much power apon you to were i get the attention in must i mention i happen to love the spot light so if can appretitat me for who iam you have no right to look, talk nor apporach me you get no sean in play you are the curtain closer iqnorance does not exsist in my dictionary so there for you dont exsist iam more then a painting iam a strong dark women....

The author's comments:
When i was a little girle this guy would always make fun of the fack that i was darker then ever one eals in my class but the crazy thing is he happen to be african american also whch cut me way deeper then it have if a white person was to have acted apon makeing fun of my skin tone.

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