Some say I'm a writer

January 15, 2010
By Haley Robinson SILVER, Cary, North Carolina
Haley Robinson SILVER, Cary, North Carolina
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Through my eyes,
My world may look different than your world.
Through my eyes,
the film of my imagination covers a layer of reality in the modern world.
Allowing for thoughts and images to shine through and come alive.
Through my eyes,
words of others and words of myself imprint themselves onto the screen of the outside world.
Through my eyes,
words fling themselves into my brain and push to come out,
causing words spew from my hands.

As much as I hate to admit this addiction…
I love to write.
These words…my words can only be said by me.
They are only my way of spilling the vial of beauty
that sits leisurely in the center of my brain.

I am no novelist,
despite what some might think.
To me, writing is only
what you know best.
Your individual life…
Your own world that is unique as me.
My words are just simply are my thoughts put on paper.
Some may be witty,
like my dry sense of humor.
While others lean to the more serious side of things,
a side most don’t see from me.

To me,
the best of writers can take any feeling they get,
combine it with the essence of emotion,
and pour it into molds of letters, words, and sentences;
like one does while making a candle.
I strive to do this every time
I put the point
of my pen on paper
or my phalanges
of the hand to a keyboard.

The outside world sometimes tries to penetrate my wall of writing.
For the most part, it doesn’t.
But when it does;
I try to create a stronger wall made of writers’ willpower
all while trying to stay true to myself.
These words…my words seem simple and childish to me.
But for the most part, those who read my words actually like them,
and want me to purse a writing career as yearning for more.
My common sense fears being a writer,
since it fears failure.
But my author voice pleas for me to do so,
fighting fear of failure to prove it’s strength to be my only voice.

When I write,
only words flow through my head
and the nerves of inspiration carry it to the tips of my fingers.
When I write,
the obscurity of hating math, loving science, and adoring literature
makes no difference.
When I write,
I know I truly am expressing myself to my fullest potential.
When I write,
I can write about my deepest darkest emotions,
and those who dare to read may not realize it can be how I truly feel.
When I write,
flashes of my memory fly by me
and dreams of my future entice my writing appetite.
When I write,
I overlook my physical weaknesses.
When I write,
I realize beauty is found from within.
When I write,
thoughts push themselves into the mold of words.
When I write
and only when I write…
I unlock the portal to my inner world.

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Veege said...
on Jan. 28 2010 at 11:17 am
What a wonderful poem. I love how you push your ideas out of yourself as you struggle with finding your own voice! More more more!

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