Who Am I?

January 15, 2010
By Anonymous

Who am I?
Who are you?
Who are we?

Am I the person I’ve always been?
Or a person I would used to be?
Is this stranger by my side really a stranger?
Or is he who my husband would be?

All points to who I am on this present day
And no need to question my identity
It’s evident in my appearance
It’s evident in my speech.
Reality tells me I’m a human being
Breathing and dreaming and absorbing knowledge.
Society tells me I’m a young girl
Who can be swayed by a magazine ad or a pop song.
But my sanity leads me to question my sanity.
Question every move I make
To validate the validity of who I am.
I always have to second guess,
My words, my actions.
See, I need to please everyone for their pleasure,
But what brings me pleasure?
What makes me want to wake up every morning
And put on a face full of
A pair of jeans that hug the skin so
Comb my hair that cost a few
Is it the Benjamins I want to
Just to pretend?
I don’t know.
I don’t know
What movie makes me laugh
Or what song makes me cry.
I only know what others tell me to
And I am forced to believe the truth in their

Who am I
When I go to school?
Who am I
When I go home?
Am I the student who does well?
Am I the child who obeys?
Should I be questioning my existence?
Analyzing my life every chance I get?

Who was I?
In my past lifetime.
Was I a mother?
Was I a father?
Did I commit sins?
Did I follow all the rules?
Did I plan to be me in this lifetime?

Who am I when I don’t have money for the poor?
Who am I when I speak profanity?
Who am I when compare myself to other girls?
Who am I when I cry?
Who am I when I’m laughing?
Who am I when I die?
Or is who I am a false figment of imaginations?
Who am I
In 5 years,
Or 10 years.
Who are you?
Who are we?
Please tell me
Who am I?

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