Hope, the Nameless

January 15, 2010
By Anonymous

You left us so young;
Two days since you first set your blind eyes on this world.

Now every time I see
her face, the black tear stains etching away at her graying fur, I blame myself.
I cry and cry for you.

You who were nameless.
You who were frail.
You who were crying.
You who were dying.

And we all mourn for you,
Feeling an unceasing pain in our chests.
But I've realized something,
you had no name.
(Don't worry though, I've named you Hope: You who were nameless.)

Hope that this world will change.
Hope that love will spread.
Hope that people learn.
Hope that our loved ones soon return.
Hope that we remember happiness.

You are our little Hope;
you who were nameless
are now are greatest desire.
You are everything to us
and we believe in you.

And as we say our goodbyes
I'll stop my flow of tears.
We bid you farewell, Hope,
and we will never forget you.

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