Wrapped in Darkness

January 15, 2010
By Kevin Vinson II BRONZE, Hamilton, Ohio
Kevin Vinson II BRONZE, Hamilton, Ohio
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Looking down in the bottomless, dark abyss
Hearing a mysterious spine tingling noise
What was that?
Wanting to investigate it
Headed down with only a flashlight
Going deeper and deeper in to the land of no return
Where am I?
Finding my way through this chaotic labyrinth
Down in the abyss are shadows that lurk around
Feeling something breathing down my neck
Quickly turn around, seeing nothing
Traveling even father, not knowing what to expect
Going out of my mind
Scared and lost, I keep inching along
Not knowing what I’m heading towards
The deeper I go, the more the chasm feels crowded
Will I die here? Will I ever find my way out?
Red eyes stare me down
The shapes take vivid forms as my flashlight goes dead
Running beside the wall with fear in my heart
My legs go faster from the adrenaline
My heart beats wildly, hands start to shake
As the darkness closes in,
My imagination goes crazy
Feeling the room closing in
Hoping no one else finds this dark void
Causing them to endure this internal pain

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