January 14, 2010
By C.BrookeW BRONZE, Waynesville, Missouri
C.BrookeW BRONZE, Waynesville, Missouri
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It’s as if we didn’t care about each other at all really.
Our have any regard for our own lives either.
I don’t hate you.
I couldn’t.
Do you hate me?
I hope you wouldn’t.

Two meteors,
Wanting to be together so badly, so closely.
They pull back their slingshot seats and strap each other in
Aim at each other, and takeoff.
But they are flung together with such might
That they shatter each other to pieces.

And at first they blame each other.
“…Where’s my eye!”
“You’ve knocked out my tooth!”
“Your arm broke mine off!”
But slowly they start to pick each other up.

One mumbles timidly, “I think this leg belongs to you.”
The other smiles sweetly, “Oh, look, I’ve found your ear!”
They sort out the pieces, and they are built again

A little less sturdy now,
Glue and duct tape hold them together.
They giggle at each other’s scars…
"Perhaps we were foolish."

And over time the glue hardens.
Skin grows over the duct tape, from the outside it looks as though it never happened.
They convince themselves that it didn’t.
And soon no one remembers the crash.
After all, it could never happen again, could it?

This time they will be closer.
This time they will reach farther.
This time they will become one.
To part…never again.

They pull back their slingshots taut.
Much farther than they were intended to go.
The rubber bands stretched tight shake with force, and they takeoff.

For a second they burn brightly.
Two brilliant shooting stars whip through the same night sky,
Headed directly for each other.

And then the inevitable happens.
They crash in a terrific boom, and crush each other into tiny specks of dust.
To be whole…never again.

Is it better we walk away now?
Glued, and duct taped, but whole?
Get out of that slingshot. Here, see, I'm out of mine.
No, you don't understand. I do want to be close.
But I'd leave the solar system
Before I'd let us shatter each other.

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