January 14, 2010
By Anonymous

Why does she have so much pain?
When I think about it, it makes me go insane.

She went outside to cry out,
And it just made me want to shout.

I went outside to see where she was at,
She was the table where she cried and sat.

I asked her was she okay,
So she looked at me and said that she rather not say.

I said that's fine and why do you have to stay,
And she said that her dad wanted her to give the candy away.

In my mind i wondered why,
So I just sigh.

I wanted to say something but my throat started to hurt,
So I started to look down at my shirt.

As the day was whinding down I wanted to grad her hand just so she would know,
That everything is okay and I will not let go!!!

The author's comments:
The reason why I wrote this is because it is based on a Sunday when I was at church and my friend's sister was having a seizure and that's how my poem first got started.

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