Mr. Paul Revere

January 14, 2010
By , palm desert, CA
Paul Revere rode past the belfry tower,
riding at the midnight hour,
On the horse with enormous power.

Just as the moon rose over the bay,
there were the citizens their faces gray.

As Paul Revere came toward the town,
all people had their muskets down,
Not expecting a violent war,
The unsuspecting people came out their door.

One by sea and two by land,
The British came with many weapons in hand.

When the colonists came out fully armed,
They were ready to do some harm.

Now you must know the rest,
the British we’re quite some pests,
they fired and fled,
not wanting to end up dead,
Like some who got a shot to The head.

Though the colonists put up some fight,
they tried with all their might,
since they tried and they tried,
Very few of them died, which led to the victory of the war.

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