In Peace, In Harmony

January 14, 2010
I take a deep breath, and two steps forward.
Roll my shoulders back, and plaster a smile on my face.
I am confident. I am strong.

I step into the room and it smells like sick.
My confidence fades, and my strength fizzles to a mere nothingness at the pit of my stomach.

I see you sitting there
You’re not moving much.
The body that was formerly filled with life, excitement, joy, and happiness is now quite opposite.
The body that stood and functioned on its own now relies on a wheelchair and others to get by.
The spirit of the soul, whose happiness never faded, seems to have become depressed and almost lifeless.
The smile that never disappeared has gone missing.
The endless strands of jokes, humor and sarcasm, seem to have gone silent.

An eerie silence fills the air as I move toward you, embracing you the best I can.
You still don’t move too much.
The person I once knew as strong and self confident now sits slouched into a chair, weaker than ever
Head hung low
Muscles sagging, too relaxed under your loose fitting t shirt.
This can’t be right.
Never should this happen to you.
My tear ducts start to burn and quickly pulse, tears standing at attention to pour out at any second.
And then,
I see it.

I look deep into your eyes and I see a small flame burning
I look deeper and I see the passion that surrounds your life and engulfs your spirit.
It remains trapped, twisting and turning inside of you
Craving its very own self to satisfy its addiction.

And then
We sing.
We sing as if music had never been heard before.
We sing as if it were our last day to sing
because maybe tomorrow will come sooner than we wanted

I sing for pleasure.
I sing to relieve stress and pain.
And I sing for you.
I sing to release the burning behind your eyes
To relax you
To do anything I possibly can to better your world.

I sing and the smile that had gone missing returns to your face.
I sing and your spirit illuminates through your entire body.
I sing and every last bit of tension in your body is released.
I sing and you show me what peace really is.
I sing and your eyes slowly close, your breathing steadies, and you drift into another world.
A world where you are no longer trapped in your body,
Where you can stand, and walk, and run.
And where you can sing.
Sing like you’ve never sung before.
Sing like you will never return to reality.
Sing to live, and live in harmony.

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