Paullina’s Midnight Ride

January 14, 2010
By joeyonthego BRONZE, Palm Desesrt, California
joeyonthego BRONZE, Palm Desesrt, California
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What if Paul Revere had stayed in bed?
On that fateful night he had simply rested his head?
Would another hero have taken his place?
Would another rider have kept the pace?
Well listen, now listen and you will hear,
Of the late night ride of Paullina Revere.

If the redcoats where coming,
As they would be,
A signal of warning,
One shot if by land, one lantern if by sea,
And Paullina would be off,
Going to the colonists to give a tip-off

She waited and waited and waited some more,
But now she saw on the opposite shore,
A flickering light and flash like lightning,
Paullina was off and the future was brightening

She rode on through Medford and kept riding on,
To warn Samuel Adams to soon be gone,
She rode on to Lexington,
The town oblivious of what soon was to be done,
She warned them to get their muskets and to prepare,
For what was to happen at the village square,

Three bells sounded clear,
Ringing out Paullina’s fear,
To Concord she was drawing near,
For which she shed a woeful tear,
For the next day it might not be there,
And everyone that was near,
Would lose a relative, neighbor or friend
Someone’s clothes they used to mend,
But when she reached her destination,
She had a revelation,
That this was bigger then her or this town,
But this was for liberty, justice, and bringing the British down!

The author's comments:
loosely based on puaul rievers poem

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