blue eye'd for now

January 14, 2010
By Anonymous

No more endless silence
No more fear
I feel myself get excited as they draw near
They greet me with surprise and tell me that I’m great
Then they go away as if I’m not their fate
I wish I could be free and explore the world to be
I’m just a black fur ball why doesn’t anyone love me?
My tail doesn’t wag my eyes never glow
I’m lost in the shadows as if no one knows
One day I hope I will soon be choose because all my nightmares never go
One day I hope to be that little black blue eyed puppy that will have some food to eat
As I lay here waiting for days
As if the things never change
For the first time I made a gaze of the little girl that claimed me today.

The author's comments:
My black haired and blue eyed puppy trooper, my new best friend.

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