January 14, 2010
You see a girl
Smiling so bright
Like nothing could
Dim her Light

You See a child
All primp and neat
But if you look in their eyes
You see pain and deciet

People wear masks
Upon their faces
Covering their true feelings

A fake personality
Is pushing through
Not the real person
They thought they knew

They are too scared
To show who they really are
To exress their true feelings

But after covering up for so long
The mask becomes you
And you lose who you really are

Your true personality is lost forever
And all you can do
Is try to find something
That can never be replaced

Youre now someone who isnt you
Youre someone who has been molded
By the influences around you

The things that happened at home
The things you wish you havent
Have all molded your life

The beatings
The hardships
The quarells
The deaths

Have shaped you into someone
You dont want to be

You cover what happened in the past
With a smile and a fake facade

But the people around you
Are too ignorant to see
That you are hurting inside

They cant see that your soul
Is dying a slow painful death

Youre withering away
And no one notices
All you know
Is that youre a second away
From you fateful death

Your mask has suffocated you personality
Its killing you
And you true thoughts and feelings

All because youre trying
To cover up whats really going on
So your friends dont worry
So people actually think youre normal

But in the end
You tring to make everything right
End up...
Killing you
And no one saw what really was going on

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ppgrullzzz said...
Jan. 31, 2010 at 5:09 pm
That was AMAZING!!! oh my gosh that was so well written and so true! I love how you personifyed a mask and wow it was just so good!
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