January 14, 2010
By Anonymous

I am famished, starving, ravenous, ready
To live on what I can get.
I need more than this, I’m not greedy but I know
No one lives on a diet of bread and fruit alone
I need arms encircling me,
A gentle pressure that supports me
When I press my face into the body
That the arms belong to,
Hiding my face from the world for just a second.
I want someone to touch me, I need to know
I’m still here, I’m still alive, blood runs through my veins
My heart beats, and I am not a ghost
In a world that looks through me sometimes.
I need someone to hold me
To tell me it will all be ok, that life
Will work out, that
They care, that
I’m strong, and smart, and
That I am doing the best I can
That I am so beautiful.
I need someone to
Cling to, to touch me
To love me as I am, with all
Of my cracks and faults and gaps.
So I stare at my ceiling, words
Stopped up with my fist in my mouth
Just like all the love I get, that
I guess just goes unsaid
And I pretend that someone out there
Cares enough to hug me.

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