My happy

January 14, 2010
A whisper
An itch
Maybe a little twitch of happiness
A daisy in your hair
A soft pillow
Or even an afternoon at the fair
A first kiss
Butterflies in a meadow
Or just a little piece of pure bliss
A leap of faith into a puddle
Pink toenail polish
Or just a good time to cuddle
Rosy red cheeks
Your first time behind the wheel
Maybe even your ticklish spot
With a squeak and a squeal
A dollar for a candy bar
Or fuzzy bunny slippers
Maybe it's your first car
Warm mittens
Laughter at a slumber party
Or a new litter of kittens
Dancing in the rain
A hug after tears
or acting a little insane
A smile form a stranger
Sunlight shining through the curtains
Or an adrenaline rush from a little bit of self produced danger
Dinner for two
An extra to sleep in
Or even a brand new pair of shoes
A beautiful song
The smell of bug spray at summer camp
Waiting for love a little too long
The birth of a child
Curly hair
Or going a little wild
A brush with life
Perfect is never too much
O maybe it's just a little touch of happiness.

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