Why I Cry In the Rain

January 14, 2010
By tywon2010 BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
tywon2010 BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
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Why I cry in the rain, no one shall ever know,
my tears are soft like the bright white snow.
I walk in the puddles, in which my tears had formed,
nothing I seem to be doing is in the norm.
The crystal clear tears flood the ground and create a huge lake,
something only a supernatural human could make.
I watch the loud ripples from the drops of my tears,
this I know absolutely no one hears.
If I truly express myself I would cause a riot,
so I tell myself I must remain quiet.
Scared of what might happen if someone sees the tears of my pain,
and now I have revealed why I cry in the rain.

The author's comments:
"Why I Cry In the Rain" is a piece that was inspired when am man said to me "well it's raining outside, so if I decide to cry no one will know".

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