January 14, 2010
By totoro GOLD, Acton, Massachusetts
totoro GOLD, Acton, Massachusetts
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Stress turns me into a monster
I snap at others for no reason
And shrug off the hurt faces
My words sting more
Than my claws

Stress consumes me like a fire
I cannot run away
From the growing conflagration

Stress makes me feel powerful
As if I have the right to be rude
But in actuality
I don’t
Nobody does

School stresses me out
Homework, tests, oral exams
Work stresses me out
Money, pressure, greed
Ballet stresses me out
Pointe, smiles, competition
Skinny jeans stress me out
Yoga, dieting, protein shakes
The future stresses me out
College, career, children
Stress stresses me out

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